Kindergarten? - An epic rant

by Karl der Große


Listen, friend, there were millions of people here who were coerced, who were declared murderers, some fell, others disobeyed. All the methods of a dictatorship were brought up. You may see it differently, but I am a child of communism and I tell you that even communism was less bad and inhuman than what was brought up here and is still being brought up by this "Minister of Health". It is not even grey-legal any more. It is contempt for humanity, without evidence. Fascism. The fact that there are people like you who think this is completely normal makes me have lasting doubts about the state of mind of a part of the Germans.

What you have lost with this: The solidarity of millions of people. Imagine: Someone who has never been a criminal, who has always paid proper taxes, who has been loyal to the state and also to those like you all his life, who was degraded to a second-class human being, who was allowed to work but not to live because he did not let a genetic, experimental and only conditional medicine get to him, while those like you were blathering about "solidarity" (with whom, actually? ) and we were otherwise dubbed murderers, vultures, lunatics, tyrants, etc., yes, imagine that you have buried "solidarity" forever. That's a lot with 10 million adults in Germany. Their children at that. Try to function without them. You will never see loyalty again. Especially not from foreigners like me. Live with it.

I would like to explain it to you and your friends once again in a nutshell: You regarded the will of thoroughly medically knowledgeable fellow citizens as kindergarten. You thought that everyone would go along with it. They also thought it was okay that those who did not participate (because they knew better - without Telegram, by the way) were declared personae non gratae. I know what it feels like to walk past a 2G restaurant rushing ahead. What it's like to be considered a boil. Like it was 80 years ago. 

Which is good: I never understood better why Germans were capable of this back then. And I now understand how it came about. Because there were those like you. Exactly because of that. And it doesn't matter whether you're "in on it" or just a fellow traveller. It's the same thing. I will never forgive, believe me. It's so interesting that you're hearing this from a foreigner with a German passport. You know? You should know that you don't have the moral high ground in Germany. There is only black or white here. That really worries me.

How many shots have you had? What have you considered kindergarten about this time, while others have reared all their spines to defend pure life against a wipe and a reversal of "solidarity" (how I hate that term by now!)? Against coercion and blackmail by completely insane people who see nothing, not even torture of their fellow citizens, but please let it be their own fault because they don't want to join Jones Town cult (and are medically in the know). Call it kindergarten.

All the best to you


(Twitter thread, reply to a comment by a Twitter user on Klaus Stöhr's tweet about the devastating result of a survey by Ärztezeitung on the 'performance' of Health Minister Lauterbach in his first six months in office)