Do Lockdowns Work?

Many people believe that lockdowns are a well-known strategy in fighting pandemics. No, they aren't. Lockdowns (sometimes called shutdowns, the terms are not very specified) are a very new invention in Asian countries, mainly in China. The pictures of Wuhan lockdown in Jan 2020 impressed people and their governments all over the world. A new myth was born. 

Useful Links

>> Global Mobility Report by Google

The Risk Of Outdoor Transmission

This Preprint Study and a very interesting thread about it underline what we anyway knew before, the risk of outdoor transmission is negligable.

A Sharp Look On Modelling (by Pace)

German physician Viola Priesemann from Max-Planck-Institute released in Dec 2020 a mathematic model in support of the 'NoCovid' campaign. Priesemann urges the German strict unlimited lockdowns until a certain, very low number of case incidence is reached. Afterwards, she promises, track, trace&isolate will guarantee the people an 'approximately normal life'.

The model is open to public on Github, Pace had a sharp look on it and was quite disappointed.

A look on how lockdowns work or if they even work at all (by Frankfurt Zack)

Comparison death rates UK (several lockdowns) to Sweden (Appeals and Information)

Lockdowns Are Justified With High Numbers Of Positive PCR-Tests

But where do they come from? 

Specialist Simon Goddek with a deeper analysis of Christian Drosten's PCR-Test ('Corman-Drosten Paper'), developed in 'three days and nights' and released to public on Jan 1st 2020 and peer-reviewed in adorable 48 hrs. 

More astonishing facts about the funder of more epidemics than only SARS-CoV-2 by Dr.Simon

Corman-Drosten Review

A website dedicated to serious questions on the Corman-Drosten-Paper at Eurosurveillance, which is the origin of all testing strategies and lockdown regimes.

The Hammer And The Dance

Somehow the whole lockdown misery escalated after this blogpost by Thomas Pueyo, a formerly unknown science guy without any knowledge of epidemics.

The worldwide reception of his modelling, predicting 10.000.000 deaths in USA if politics do not act immediately, can only by understood in the growing desperate atmosphere of these days in March 2020 with figures growing 'exponentially' day by day.

Some people say, human brain has got no skills to understand the phenomenon of exponentiality.

We say, fear and panic are not good advisers.