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How Heiko Maas and Thomas de Maizière have transformed our country into a dystopian surveillance state in less than 12 months

Disturbing list of decided and planned projects to expand surveillance by the state and digital corporations in 2018. The biggest attack on civil rights in the post-war era (german).

Germany: 'Panic-Paper' Scandal Revealed, Ministry Bought Scientists For Fearmongering

'Children are easily infected, even with exit restrictions, e.g. from the neighbors' children. When they infect their parents and one of them dies in agony at home and they feel they are to blame for forgetting to wash their hands after playing, for example, it is the most terrible thing a child can ever experience.'

(Excerpt from 'COVID-Scenario' March 2020 Ministry Of Health, Berlin)

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Tonghua Lockdown Jan 2021

'On Monday, the city began its third round of compulsory Covid-19 RNA testing. The city is the site of one of China’s biggest outbreaks, with 202 confirmed cases as of Tuesday. Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei province bordering Beijing, has the country’s biggest outbreak with 746 confirmed cases. Kelly Liu, a 35-year-old Tonghua resident, told the Financial Times that she and her parents had been living off pickles and peanuts for the past three days.' 

The impact on children

Watch this gallery of shocking pictures - childrens suffering from psychotic measurements a normal human being never would have thought of.