Gvt Administration&The Media

Just to show how 'the truth' can be told in a very different manner, we got same examples.

Perfect Fearmongering Collabo By Media And Politics

In the first week of Feb.2021, due to the enormous decrease of positive cases, a discussion about dropping down the strict measures like closed shops, closed restaurants and curfews was going on.

A coalition of government-loyal media and politicians, in front of all Germany' leading fearmonger and omnipresent TV 'health expert' Karl Lauterbach, began to rise a ridiculous exaggerated issue of 'fast-spreading uncontrollable mutants' from GB and South Africa, therefore using absurd diagrams of 'modeling'.

German DIVI (Register Of ICU Beds) has changed it's diagram in Feb 2021 abruptly to a version that is much more scary...


'As many deaths as last 50 years ago'

'More than 100,000 people died in Germany in December - more than since 1969.'

A very usual method to adjust a number to a bias: Take out the worst part of all and compare it to some weird numbers of the past.


- Excess mortality usually is compared to the average of the last 4 to 5 yrs, just to avoid all the other strong influences like medical progress, healthier nutrition, growing number of old people and many more. Just for fun we did a look on Swedens mortality in about 120 yrs and look what it looks like!